Festival-Ready Nails: Vintage Equalizer

This month, we're showing you different nail art you can wear on the tips of your fingers that are perfect for the Candy Fair next month!
by Kaye Tiuseco   |  Aug 31, 2013
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When I was younger, I used to love staring at my dad's old school music player, because it had these rainbow lights jumping to the beat. I didn't know then that that was an equalizer, and that it corresponded to the waves of sound—I really thought it was meant to entertain the listener! Well they still fascinate me to this day, although technology has made them much fancier; but this is how I knew them as a child.
Click-through to the gallery to find out how you can translate these retro lights onto your nails!

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Kaye Tiuseco
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Speech-Language Pathologist by day, singer by night - knitter, nail artist, and writer in between. Dog lover 24/7.
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