Festival-Ready Nails: Concert Lights

This month, we're showing you different nail art you can wear on the tips of your fingers that are perfect for the Candy Fair next month!
by Kaye Tiuseco   |  Aug 24, 2013
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I love everything about concerts—from seeing favorite artists in the flesh, hearing their music live, and feeling the collective vibe of the crowd, to the outrageous sets onstage, flashy costumes, and bright lights. I'm especially fascinated by the lights, at how with the right colors and timing they can add to the drama of a particular song, or make the audience want to dance in a frenzy with another. There's something magical about how they stand out and yet blend in so perfectly with the darkness.

These nails are inspired by those lights and all you need to do is click on the gallery link below to find out how you can recreate this nail art on your own tips!

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