Everything You Need To Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions

Read this before getting one!
by Katherine Tsang   |  Feb 22, 2017
Image: Yassi Pressman | instagram.com/yassipressman
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It has long been established that effortless is trendy as the no-makeup makeup revolution sparks a trend in the beauty department for natural beauty looks. While a barely-there face, and no-lipstick lipsticks are enough to start a frenzy among beauty girls, still one of the most coveted no-makeup assets of beauty girls everywhere are long and voluminous eyelashes.

It's no secret that long and healthy eyelashes have the power to open and define your peepers. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally long lashes. Although there are other options like lengthening mascaras and falsies are readily available in the market, some girls still want the satisfaction of waking up to long and thick lashes and can get away with skipping the mascara route entirely. And what better way is there to achieve fluttery lashes than a good ol' eyelash extension. Below, we're listing down everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions, so you can judge for yourself whether this is the right beauty call for your daily routine and lifestyle.


They're really high maintenance.

Getting an eyelash extension is definitely not for the lazy girl. Sure, lash extensions can give you that naturally effortless look, but there's nothing effortless about the upkeep. If you're using any oil-based makeup cleansers then you'll have to be ready to make the swap, Candy Girls because oil-based beauty products can make the lash adhesive dissolve faster than you would want it to. Also, anything high heat is a huge no, too! So you'll have to skip the sauna or the steam when heading out for your monthly facial.

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The bill can really add up.

If you're on a tight budget, then getting eyelash extensions should probably be the last thing you would want to do. After all, getting lash extensions isn't a one-time thing and they're pretty pricey to begin with, too! Because your natural lashes get replaced every few weeks, your extensions will also have follow suit.


They're a *semi-permanent* commitment.

We bet you knew that from the get-go, but it's a good reminder to have if you're seriously considering getting lash extensions. Unlike a pair falsies, which can last you a day, lash extensions are semi-permanent and can last you up to a few weeks. This means that you definitely can't peel them off after a long, tiring day or you risk tearing away your natural lashes. Eek!

Make sure you don't get them wet!

Are you one of those people who just love dousing your face in cold water after a long day? If you are, you might want to rethink getting eyelash extensions. Instead of liberally and satisfyingly splashing water onto your face every morning, you're going to have to be extra careful around the eye area. Wash cloths and cleansing towelettes will be your best friends!

Consult the pros.

In the long run, it always pays off to consult with the professionals. Yes, it will be pricey, but it'll definitely be worth it—especially for a treatment that's super close to your eyes. After all, no one wants to have beautiful lashes and sacrifice their vision for it. Make sure not to cut any corners when it comes to something that could impact your well-being.


Have you ever tried getting lash extensions? How was it! Let's swap stories below!

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