Wow! Elisse Joson is Launching Her Very Own Beauty Business

by Patricia Melliza for   |  Nov 19, 2022
Image: Instagram/elissejosonn
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Here's one thing you should know about Elisse Joson: Aside from being an actress and a mom, she's also an entrepreneur! ICYDK, the 26-year-old launched Felizia Jewelry, her jewelry collection with her beau McCoy De Leon, in October 2021. Now, Elisse is a proud owner of Lunch Break, a beauty business that offers various at-home pampering services, including eyelash extensions, eyebrow grooming, and mani-pedi.

lunch break lash extensions
Lunch Break
lunch break lash extensions
Lunch Break

Luckily, we got to try Elisse's lash extension services. Keep on reading to see what it was like to get our lashes done by them!

What are the different lash styles you can choose from?

  • Plush Love - This classic lash style is perfect for those who want a "natural and subtle lash glow-up." It's carefully applied to "blend flawlessly with your lashes." According to Lunch Break, it's particularly flattering for girls with round or monolid eyes!
  • The Blinkers - This wispy lash style gives the peepers the "extra fluff" they need by adding lashes with different lengths.
  • Prima Wink - The cat-eye lash style creates a ~sultry~ look. It's great for those with prominent eyes.
  • The Twiggy - If you prefer something more dramatic, this one's for you!
lunch break lash extensions
Lunch Break

What are the different lash curls available?

  • J Curl - It's the most commonly used lash curl! It provides a "natural lift" to the lashes.
  • B Curl- It's slightly curlier than the J Curl, which creates a "natural yet elegant" look.
  • C Curl- This universally flattering one provides a "nice C Curl from the base to the tip of the lash."
  • D Curl - It's also known as the "deepest" curl.
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lunch break lash extensions
Lunch Break


I got the "Plush Love" with a D Curl, a.k.a. the tightest curl. My procedure took about two hours and the technician's hands were so light. I didn't feel any discomfortI even fell asleep a couple of times.

The result? My lash extensions (which were made from human hair) were noticeably long and thick and they really opened up my eyesthe D Curl is certainly perfect for someone who prefers a ~*dramatic*~ look. When I tried taking a selfie, I looked like I had an Instagram filter on! LOL. I could totally leave the house without makeup, thanks to these fluttery lashes.

lunch break lash extensions
Bare-faced selfie! | Courtesy of Patricia Melliza

NGL, the lashes did feel a bit heavy at the end of the day, thoughI felt like I was wearing falsies. It's great for special occasions but I would go for a subtler, more natural lash style next time. Still, I loved how the lash extensions defined my eyes. It definitely shortened my makeup routine! ;)

For more information, follow Lunch Break on Instagram.

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