6 DIY Skincare Ingredients You Should Never Put On Your Face

Your skincare experiments might be doing more harm than good.
by Isabel Salvosa   |  Apr 23, 2020
Image: pexels.com
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When you’re stuck at home and way overdue for skincare treatments, it’s only a matter of time before you start trying DIY experiments. But before you take that calamansi out of the refrigerator, remember: food is meant for your stomach, not your face. And just because it’s ~natural~ doesn’t automatically mean it’s good for your skin! 

Below, check out popular DIY skincare ingredients that you should avoid.


This humble citrus is a staple in Filipino kitchens, but it shouldn’t be in your skincare stash. It’s believed that citric acid, found in other fruits such as lemons, can help even out dark marks, but it’s super acidic and can cause your face to become extra sensitive to the sun.

Apple cider vinegar

Contrary to what that DIY skincare recipe says, apple cider vinegar won’t do your acne any good. It’s too acidic to work as a toner. Those with sensitive skin should especially avoid any experiments with this product as it can cause irritation and allergies.


Baking soda

Its gritty texture has cemented baking soda’s title as the go-to DIY exfoliant. But the particles can be harsh on sensitive skin types. Plus its pH level is too high—and this can damage the skin barrier.

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You shouldn’t be using toothpaste in lieu of spot treatments on your zits. They might initially seem effective in calming down acne, but they’re packed with potentially irritating ingredients such as mint and baking soda.

Coconut oil

It’s been touted as an all-around magic ingredient that can multitask as a health supplement, moisturizer, and makeup remover. But coconut oil is highly comedogenic, meaning it can clog your pores and cause breakouts! 


When used as a facial mask, mayonnaise is said to tighten pores. But it doesn’t smell great, and it’s not going to feel great either once you get zits from all the fat and oil in the product.



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