5 College Guys Share The Grooming Products They Use On School Days

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by Katrina Golamco   |  Jan 28, 2020
Image: Courtesy of Gab and SJ Gayatin
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Maintaining a good grooming routine for yourself not only makes you look presentable to other people, it also an indication of how responsible you are with taking care of your body and everything that comes along with it. Guys are often perceived to need only a low-maintenance routine, but truth is, many just don’t know the right products for them. Each person is different, and what matters is you listen to what your skin needs. 

Below, five college students share the grooming routine they religiously follow on a typical school day:

SJ, Lyceum of the Philippines

"Makeup has [always] been part of me... After washing my face, I use Master Zero Oil since I am oily and acne-prone, then diretso agad sa BB cream. I use Maybelline SUPER BB but kaunting amount lang ng product since I am oily, and usually I don’t cover my whole face with cream because it would be too heavy. I specifically put the product only where I have dark spots. Blend, blend, blend then proceed to powder. For the powder, I use Maybelline FitMe!

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"So here’s the hassle part, habang nasa school ka na. Of course ‘di maiwasan ma-haggard, if I can feel na I’m oily na or sweaty, what I do to freshen up is to use a tissue. May ginagawa ako sa tissue. If pupunasan ko na, kukuha ako ng isang tissue and then separate the two-ply tissue, then gently dab sa oily part. Then if the class is about to end, I use powder again but light lang just to freshen up. When I get home, I immediately remove makeup and cleanse my face so that my skin can breathe and my pores won’t clog."

Gab, Adamson University

"Let me first start with my nighttime skincare routine, the first thing I do is to use a makeup cleansing cloth, Dr. Sensitive, to remove my makeup and especially the dirt, then I'll get two cotton pads and use micellar water, either Nivea or Garnier. I wash my face with warm water, then I use a foam cleanser called Rice Water Bright of the Face Shop. Next, I apply the toner of Human Nature then wait for a couple of minutes before applying face lotion, the brand I use is Glutamax.


"For my morning routine, I use Apricot Scrub of St. Ives but I only use it two to three times a week. Again, I apply the toner of Human Nature and finally, a Day Moisturizing Cream of Human Nature before applying my makeup."

Julius, De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde

"Every time I encounter or meet a person, may it be a friend, relative or even a stranger, they keep on asking me the same question, and it is the secret to achieving and maintaining my glass skin. Believe it or not, it’s just the Aloe Vera Gel by Nature Republic, I apply it twice a day every morning and evening before I go to bed. I prefer using it because it’s not harmful if you are going to apply it on a daily basis and it also contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and it is highly anti-inflammatory. It can help treat burns, acne, and dry skin. It’s not really hard to maintain because you will only apply it with your hands and let it dry for a few minutes.


"Remember to never skip a day without washing your face and keep yourself hydrated by drinking water. I do believe that the less product you apply, the healthier and more glowing skin you will have."

Edzel, Mapua University

“Before going to school, I make sure that I wash my face well with Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Soap, followed up with a dab of Celeteque Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner. Having a Clean and Clear Oil Control Film with me is very handy for absorbing excess oil in the middle of the day. Exfoliating at least once a week (I do it on Fridays) also helps in removing the dead skin cells from your face and it gives you a fresher look for the next week. I use Dove Men +Care  Face Scrub because it gets the job done without being too abrasive to my face. Maarte ako sa pabango kaya ang ginagamit ko is either Penshoppe Free Spirited for Men para sa pang araw-araw, pero fave ko ang Clinique Happy for Men.”


John Renz, Colegio De San Juan De Letran

"Well, staying fresh should be a routine in order to maintain my aura, what I usually do is, first, I make sure that the clothes I wear are perfectly ironed. For my face, I put Tinted Belo Sunscreen Protection every six hours to protect my skin from UV rays as well as to hide the dark spots. I perfectly comb my hair in a brush-up manner using Man Pomade with Bubble Gum Scent and, of course, you wouldn’t be fresh without any scent in your body, and for that, I am using Prescripto.


"Note: Don't forget to bring a hanky as well as alcohol so you can practice proper hygiene and stay as fresh as ever."

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