Chubby and Proud!

One of our real girls talks about her experience modelling for Candy.
  |  Oct 27, 2006
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Dreams do come true
But no matter how much I try to forget about it, I still keep thinking about becoming a model—maybe because I know deep in my heart, it's really what I want to become. So when Ate Shar sent me a message and informed me about the Candy go-see for the October issue, I gathered up all the courage and confidence in me to go for it. I remember being nervous all throughout my trip to Galleria because I might not be accepted to model for that issue and I would just be disappointed in the end. But I just took the risk— it was all or nothing.

It turned out that the go-see was not as scary as I thought it was. At the time that I was there, I was the only chubby girl amidst the petite and statuesque girls. It was ironic because I did not even feel insecure. I know that like them, I also have something unique and special in me that makes me deserving to appear on the October ish. I actually had fun during the go see. Ate Shar had a very accommodating presence and the girls I met were very nice and friendly.

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I remember shocking everyone at home when I announced—while jumping up and down and running around the house—that I was one of the girls accepted to model for the Candy October issue. The photo shoot was last July 29 and I felt really lucky to be one of the six girls who were chosen to model. I met Jigs Mayuga of L’Oreal, the famous photographer Daniel Tan, and I experienced the fashion magic of Shar while she dressed us up. The girls I met (Tasha, Kookay, Cheska, Anjelica, and Phoebe) had different and real bodies. We had fun playing with the clothes and taking pictures of ourselves. We all insisted to have our pictures taken with Ate Shar, Daniel, and Jigs. We all felt pretty that day! That day was totally unforgettable.

Real girls are models, too
Being chosen to model for the October issue was a great experience for me. It made me realize that I do not have to purge and starve myself just to feel good about myself. Candy definitely brought out the confidence in me and I feel much better about myself than I did before. I also learned that dreams could happen if you would just go for it and believe in yourself. If I did not go to the go-see then I might not have been chosen. I may not be like models that walk on the runway but I know that the confidence and the love I have for my body is enough for me to be called as a “model” for a lot of girls out there.


I also want other girls to know that weight is not the only standard for beauty and there is a beautiful model in each one of us. It just takes an ounce of confidence and love for our bodies to realize that.:D

And as for my friend who made a bet with me? Wait till he sees the October ish.:) Pero papansinin ko pa rin siya.:D

.~'* GRAB THE MAG! *'~.

Check out the Fashion Sealed Section in your October 2006 issue of Candy and see how Joan and other eral girls wore the fashion basics to fit their body types.

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