Chachi Gonzales Shares Her Beauty Secrets

by Erin Torrejon   |  May 28, 2015
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International dancer Chachi Gonzales is back for a second time here in the Philippines as the face of JagThug. She's set to judge the JagThug World Dance Off competition alongside American dancer, choreographer, and Step Up Revolution star Misha Gabriel. We luckily got to catch up with the gorgeous 19-year-old star who has also starred in Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin'" music video to talk about everything about being life and being a dancer. The one thing that definitely stood out to us was when she mentioned some beauty secrets and style tips she actually applies as a professional dancer. Since most of you love to dance and take part in an active lifestyle, we think these tricks will come in handy! Check out what they are below.

Favorite pieces when you dance?

"It has to be breathable because we get sweaty obviously. We also have to look cool too, so whatever is flattering to our bodies. It has to be about comfort and looking good."

What are your beauty tricks when you dance? 

"Primer, primer! If you're going to wear makeup, you need good primer. Because you're going to be sweating. Hairspray! Anything to keep your hair down. My hair can get very frizzy when I sweat. I think my hair got kinda trained over the years to be okay with me dancing. I also think its about the process of training your hair and getting that routine and regimen right for your makeup. Like know what you can't wear this because it's either just going to come off or get irritating."


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