No-Fail Celeb Skin Care Secrets You'll Want to Try Yourself

by Ryanne Co   |  Jun 17, 2017
Image: Rachel Goodwin |, Gigi Hadid |
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Celebrities are notorious for splurging on skin care and let's face it, not everyone can afford the luxurious facials and over-the-top spa treatments that they can. But fear not, Candy Girls because celebrities are also humans after all! Here are some of their no-fail skin care secrets that anyone including you can try without breaking a sweat.

Vaseline is your best friend!

Petroleum jelly should be your secret weapon, just like it is for Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Bilson. Our favorite FRIENDS star uses Vaseline under her eyes every night before she goes to sleep to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, an inexpensive and convenient alternative to most eye creams. Rachel Bilson, on the other hand, uses petroleum jelly to remove makeup, saying that it helps, especially with eye makeup, which can be difficult to remove sometimes. (via

Exfoliate a couple of times a week.  


Halle Berry, arguably one of Hollywood's most gorgeous women, admits she puts coffee grounds in her bath soap in order to exfoliate her body. Kim K does the same, but with sugar instead. (via Cosmopolitan)

Makeup wipes are a handy and a convenient alternative if you're on the go.  

Makeup wipes are handy, that's for sure! No wonder celebrities are such big fans. Supermodel Lily Aldrige swears by the Burt's Bees brand while Gigi Hadid prefers Maybelline. (via Bustle)   

Not all oils are the enemy. 

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You may think that oils are bad for your skin, but they're totally not! In fact, actress Monica Potter says that she washes her face with coconut oil. She rubs some coconut oil on her face then puts a steamed towel over it. It’s supposed to take out all the impurities. On the other hand, Emma Stone uses grapeseed oil as a moisturizer after bathing and Miranda Kerr's favorite is rosehip oil, which is supposed to prevent stretch marks if you rub it on your body. (via Cosmopolitan) (via Into the Gloss)

Which of these skin care secrets do you wanna try first?

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