This Calendar Explains When and Why You're Breaking Out

Your monthly guide to acne.
by Ryanne Co   |  Jul 26, 2017
Image: Mark Jesalva
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In case you don't already know it, our menstrual cycle has a huge impact on the condition of our skin. It's frustrating, but the good news is that someone's managed to figure out the pattern behind it all! According to the beauty gurus of Neal's Yard Remedies in their book Beauty Book, our skin follows a monthly cycle, which determines when it becomes drier or oilier than usual. The secret to great skin? Working with the cycle rather than against it.

Take day 1 to be the first day of your period and day 28 to be the day before your period begins.

DAY 1 to 4, DAY 22 to 28

Day 1-4 is considered to be part of the the most acne-prone stage. Your skin will likely be oilier than usual and the dark circles under your eyes may seem more pronounced. During this time, it's a good idea to eat more green veggies and exercise as these will help unclog pores. However, wash your face immediately after exercise to get rid of sweat and dirt. It's also a good idea to exfoliate more during this time (2-3 times a week) and to wear face masks to nourish your skin.


DAY 5 to 10

Your period should be ending or might have already ended during this stage of the cycle. Your skin might be drier than normal at this time so remember to drink plenty of water moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Gentle exfoliation and Vitamin C are also great to help you take care of your skin!

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DAY 11 to 21

It's during this time of the month that your hormone levels have gone back down to normal, so enjoy the way your skin looks as it's usually glowing during this time. Blood circulation also increases so ingredients in your skin care are more easily absorbed. Try a nourishing face mask and remember to sleep well and keep stress levels so so that when it hits day 22, your face won't immediately break out.

What do you think of this skin calendar? Let's talk beauty!

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