ARMY, You'll Totally ~Luv~ These BTS-Inspired Minimalist Tattoos

by Cheska Santiago for   |  Dec 28, 2021
Image: Instagram/heart.haney
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Fans have a ton of ways to show their love and appreciation for their favorite artist or group, whether it's collecting their merch, attending concerts, or even organizing special events for their comebacks. If you wanna go the extra mile, you can choose to get a tattoo dedicated to them as a testament to the significant *impact* they had on your life.

If you're a fan of BTS, there's no shortage of ink inspo you can gather from their songs or things related to the members. If you've been wanting to get a BTS-inspired tattoo for quite some time now but you're not sure what design to go for, we got your back. We gathered 10 ~minimalist~ designs we spotted on Insta for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to take a screenshot of your faves to show to your tattoo artist! ;)

10 BTS-Inspired Minimalist Tattoos

1. If your bias is RM, then you can't go wrong with this line from his song "Trivia: Love." It's definitely a great motto for life.


2. If you want something low-key, a purple heart will do.

3. "00:00," one of the tracks from Map of the Soul: 7, is a fan-favorite for a reason, thanks to its warm and comforting vibe.

4. The BT21 characters, which BTS helped create with LINE FRIENDS, are a staple among ARMYs. This cute Chimmy face tattoo is small enough to be placed on your finger!

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5. The intertwining designs from the Love Yourself series are a favorite among tattoo-loving ARMYs because they're a good choice for subtle ink.

6. Of course, you can also match with Jungkook, who sports a similar skull hand tattoo on his right arm.

7. Here's another ~subtle~ tattoo choice: a whale! It has held a huge significance for BTS and ARMYs ever since the release of "Whalien 52."


8. At first glance, this may look like the colors of the rainbow, but the colored dots actually represent the hues of the members' mics—clever!

9. Seven is a significant number for BTS for ~obvious~ reasons. You can also triple them to make up the angel number 777, which is indicative of positive changes in your life that will allow you to move forward.

10. Want a simple one-word tattoo? JK's solo song "Euphoria" is one of your best bets.


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