How K-pop Idols Stay Sweat-Free All Day, According to MAMAMOO’s Solar

She happily and candidly shares with her viewers.
by Bianca Custodio   |  Aug 20, 2021
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K-pop idols are known for always looking picture perfect. Even when they’re singing and performing high-intensity choreographies under the heat of numerous stage lights, they never seem to break a sweat. Girl group idols specifically never fail to look clean and fresh on and off stage. And NGL, I always thought they were all just somehow built different (God’s favorites?). But alas, they’re regular humans too, and MAMAMOO’s Solar is the first to spill the beans on how they *actually* manage to keep their bodies cool and dry at all times. 

In a video on her YouTube channel, solarsido, the 30-year-old vocalist reveals that she actually sweats quite a lot: “I sweat down my back, my armpits, head, I sweat everywhere!” (Same, Solar, same.) However, being a performer for years, she’s had to find different ways to control all the sweat, which she happily and candidly shares with her viewers.


Here are the four techniques that help Solar manage her body sweat in the face of heat and humidity:

1. Scalp cooling spray

According to Solar, the best way to cool down your body is to cool your head down first. The first trick to staying fresh and dry as demonstrated in her video is the use of a scalp cooling spray, which produces a cooling foam on your scalp that instantly refreshes. 

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While Solar deemed this perfect to use for when it gets suddenly hot, she also notes that it might not prove to be that useful in situations where the weather is just constantly hot, such as on outdoor Summer activities.

2. Cooling sheet

Turns out, these cool blue rectangular sheets are not only useful for when you have a fever! They’re also really effective in tricking your body into thinking that it isn’t so hot. These sheets produce a cooling sensation on the forehead that Solar likened to eating a fresh mint! 

While it won’t be able to completely get rid of the heat around you, applying a cooling sheet onto your forehead or on the nape of your neck will at the very least make you feel refreshed and temporarily halt your sweat.

Try: Bye Bye Fever Cooling Gel Sheets for Adults, P160, Watsons

3. Sports cooling spray

Solar shares that labelmate ONEUS often uses a sports cooling spray to cool off. The spray is specifically designed to be used on clothes to instantly give them a strong cooling effect. 


However, since it is a sports item, Solar notes that the spray doesn’t exactly produce the best scent and may be most suitable for gym activities. If this isn’t your vibe, Solar also suggests using a scented cooling clothes spray that is suitable for tops with thin material.

4. Armpit sweat pads

Out of all the tips and tricks she’s shared, Solar says this one’s by far her favorite. Armpit sweat stains are literally everybody’s worst nightmare, but it seems to be a monster that many idols have already long conquered. And it's apparently all thanks to... armpit sweat pads! Yup, they totally exist!

Armpit sweat pads work a lot like your regular napkins, except, obviously, it’s for your armpits. (Duh!) However, the normal sized pads are pretty large, so Solar suggests cutting them to the size of your underarms so that they don't stick out awkwardly.


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Watch Solar’s full video here:


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