Body Issues Every College Girl Goes Through

And the lowdown on how to handle each one!
Apr 11, 2018
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Body Issues Every College Girl Goes Through




Some of the best years of your life will be spent in college. You get to choose your preferred class schedules, join orgs that didn’t really exist in high school (yay for marketing and mountaineering orgs!), and paint your nails or color your hair any way you want to. But the whole college experience also comes with not-so-cool issues that take a toll on your body. See if you can relate to some of these:

1. Stomach issues
Irregular eating times can be a fact of life in college. Sometimes, things can get so hectic, you're not sure when you can squeeze in the time to eat lunch—if at all. 

Strive to have lunch at the same time each day—plan to do so when you map out your class sched at the start of the school year. If you really can't take a break, munch on a quick (but healthy!) snack while walking to your next class. Not eating meals at the same time each day can lead to hyperacidity and digestive problems, screw up your energy levels, and eventually slow down your metabolism, which leads to No. 2...

2. Unhealthy weight gain
It happens to the best of us! You have longer breaks and more freedom—including the freedom to go on food trips with your blockmates! You’re also more likely to binge on junk food due to stress caused by academic or org requirements.

To maintain your weight, try to work out at least thrice a week and avoid overeating. You'll feel stronger and healthier, too.

3. Sun damage
You walk around more outdoors since you have to jump from classroom to classroom, and more so from building to building, unlike in high school where you are more or less situated in one room all day. Increased exposure to the sun can wreak havoc on your skin, so in case you still don't apply sunscreen daily, it's time to start doing so! Reapply every two to three hours if you can—if you wear makeup, go for spray or powder sunscreen.

4. Lack of sleep
This doesn't just happen during finals week, a.k.a hell week, when you spend long nights studying for exams and cramming for your school projects. The endless whirl of extracurricular activities and parties can make you one very sleepless girl indeed. You might’ve also already discovered the power of coffee to keep you going, which, however, in the long run, keeps you awake for longer instead of letting you get your much-needed Zzzs.

One way to get more sleep is to stop cramming. Plan ahead, manage your time well, and start tending to your requirements early enough, so you have more time to work on them—and more time to sleep!

5. Excessive sweating
Expect to sweat more during your stay in college, whether or not your classrooms are air-conditioned. You'll get sweaty hopping from one building or floor to another to attend your classes, especially during the hotter months. You can keep cool and stay a little bit fresher by keeping your hair up, bringing a handheld fan, and wearing comfortable clothes in breathable fabrics.

Still, these measures won't keep you totally fresh when it's hot outside—especially down there. That sticky feeling can keep you feeling uncomfortable the whole day, making you feel uneasy during your classes, meetings, and activities. You might be using ordinary soap to cleanse your intimate area, but it might not be enough to keep yourself feeling fresh all day. Some soaps are also made with harsh antibacterial ingredients, leading to irritation.

Start using pH Care Cool Wind every morning—it's formulated with the right pH level for the delicate feminine area, making it gentle enough for daily use. Its ActiveCool technology washes away trapped heat down there, keeping you fresh all day long. Freshen up midday by using pH Care Cool Wind Feminine Wipes during your bathroom breaks. With these products, you can keep your feminine area clean and healthy all day long.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with pH Care.


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