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by Ria Francisco   |  Aug 8, 2004
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Q: Right on Red!
My ate is going on a date and her date is really cute! We are really close and I am as excited as she is so we are both planning every little detail in advance. She wants to use red lipstick because she’s fair and we both think it looks good on her. What do you think?

A: I think red lipstick is great, too! The trick is to keep everything else low key. Don’t put too much blush and eye makeup. Tell your sis to just curl her lashes and dab on a little blush. I’m sure she’ll look really pretty. Wish her luck for me!

Q: Bag Lady
My eyes look awful because of all my sleepless nights. I’m too shy to go out and face people with my huge eye bags. I don’t know how to make them disappear!


A: When I suffer from puffy eyes, I get a few ice cubes, put them in a plastic bag, wrap a towel around it and keep it over my eyes. This trick ahs never failed me, but of course getting enough sleep is still your best bet. So catch some zzzs tonight! Sweet dreams!

Q: Say Cheese!
There’s a girl in my school who models. I overheard her talking to one of her friends about the “right way to smile.” Is there really such a thing? She is in an older batch and I don’t know her so I’m asking you instead.

A: When it comes to smiling for a shoot, there is actually a “right way to smile.” This is the smile that looks best in a picture. When you smile, simply rest your front teeth on your lower lip. If you do this, your lower teeth will be hidden and your smile will look natural. I suggest you practice smiling in front of the mirror so you’ll see what I mean. Smile!

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Q: Tress Control
I love magazines but sometimes I get depressed after looking through them. I have frizzy hair and all the girls seem to have straight, shiny hair. That’s just not fair! What do they do? Am I doomed to have frizzy hair forever? Help me!

A: If you only knew how long it takes to prep a model before a shoot, you would understand why they all look so good and why they have perfectly straight and shiny hair. It takes at least two hours to get the girls dolled up–an hour of which is spent applying frizz control products, blow-drying, and sometimes ironing. We all have imperfections we either have to live with or work on. Try a leave-on anti-frizz conditioner before blow-drying your hair for a perfect ‘do. Good luck!

Q: Hide and Shade!
I’ve got dark circles around my eyes and I’m really bummed about them. They make me look depressed and stressed! I don’t know how to deal with them or what concealer to use. Can you help?


A: It’s true that some people are born with dark circles, but the great thing about it is you can camouflage them! Try Maybelline’s stick concealer. It’s tiny so it’ll fit in the smallest of bags, and it’s so easy to use. Just dot some on your dark circles then spread out with your beauty finger. Remember that the skin under your eyes is seven times more sensitive, so keep your strokes light.

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