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by Ria Francisco   |  Aug 8, 2004
photo by Toto Labrador * makeup by Effie Go
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Swamped with your beauty emergencies, Beauty Editor Ria Francisco takes on the challenge and comes to your rescue!

Q: Eye Like!
I love makeup! It’s the first thing I check out when I go to the mall. I have one problem, though–I don’t know how to use it! I’m so insecure about my skills (or lack of them) that I just test the colors on my hand, not knowing what looks good. I like my eyes because they are nice and expressive. How can I emphasize them even more?

A: When it comes to makeup, practice makes perfect. And if you keep testing it on your hands, you will never learn how to put it on. What I do and I suggest you try is visit makeup counters and allow the makeup artists to give you a makeover, then try to copy what you like! Since you like your eyes, the easiest way to play them up is to line them with a fun color. Hope that helps!


Q: Shimmery Sistah!
How can I make my cheeks look rosy without using too much blush? I’m a bit morena. What kind and color of makeup do you suggest? I particularly like the effect on J.Lo’s cheeks because they look shimmery. Thanks!

A: Hi, Reina! You may have heard this a million times, but…smile! Then on the apples of your cheeks, brush on a peachy, shimmery shade to highlight your color. That will give you the J.Lo glow you’re looking for. Check out the brand Movie, available in Essenses, Rustan’s. They have blush with shimmer which will give you a healthy, bronzed look.

Q: Monster Allergy
I think I’m allergic to a certain brand of powder. After I put some on, my skin feels rough and my classmates always ask me what’s wrong with my face! I clean my face regularly and keep my hair off my face to avoid irritation. Help!
–Joyce Anne

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A: First of all, when your skin starts reacting to a new product, toss it in the trash! I suggest you do a patch test before using anything new. Put a small amount on your inner arm and observe what happens after 24 hours. If there’s no reaction, go ahead and use the product. Also, read the ingredients of the product to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the contents. Thanks for e-mailing!

Q: Party Pretty
I love getting all dolled up for parties, but I rarely put on eye makeup. I don’t want to use my mom’s boring neutrals, but I’m intimidated by bright colors. Can you recommend eye makeup that’s sheer and light but still fun and pretty?

A: Since you’re a beginner, cream formulas are best because they’re a cinch to apply. With the use of your beauty finger (better known as your ring finger), gently spread some color on your lids from the lashline to the crease. It is always best to put on just a little then add more if you think you need to. Check out The Body Shop, Fashion 21, and Maybelline for more reasonably priced finds. Have fun!


Q: Top Three
If you had to pick three beauty products to carry around, what would they be and why?

A: Hey, Anna! I must say your question is really creative and fun! Here are my top three: an eyelash curler (because it brightens up my eyes and I feel I don’t need eye shadow when I curl my lashes), face powder with SPF (to keep my face from getting oily and protect my skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays), and tinted lip gloss (for my favorite just-bitten look)!


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