Beauty Q&A: When Is It Time to Throw Away My Makeup Brushes?

by Janelle Yau   |  Apr 25, 2017
Image: Sammy England |
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Thanks to the always innovative beauty department, there are so many tools that are popping out from left to right that promise to help you apply your makeup with total ease. While we love our sponges and our trusty fingers, you have to admit that there's just a different finish that only a good set of makeup brushes can do for your beauty looks. Although good makeup brushes don't always come cheap, we all know that they don't last forever either. So to make sure that the makeup brushes you're currently using are still doing you good, we asked makeup artist Nikki Tiu to share the signs of when it's time to move on and look for a new set of brushes for your kit.

Q: When is it time to throw away my makeup brushes?

Nikki: I know that it's never easy to throw away makeup brushes no matter how affordable the price tags are. But you can't deny that when it's not doing your beauty looks any good anymore, you have to move on and look for a new set already. One telltale sign that you need to throw away your brushes is if the brush hair are already falling whenever you use it. Aside from that when the brush hair have already turned rough or scratchy against your face whenever you use them, you know it's time to part ways with your favorite makeup brushes and look for a new set.

Nikki Tiu is a professionally-trained makeup artist who graduated from Basement Academy. She specializes on traditional and airbrush makeup for weddings, prenup pictorials, photoshoots, commercials, print ads, etc. She also works closely with several makeup and skincare brands for trainings, makeup, and skincare seminars/workshops.


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