Beauty Q & A: What's The Best Pink Lipstick For My Skin Tone?

Finally find out what shade of pink is perfect for YOU!
  |  Jul 10, 2014
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Finding the perfect lipstick is a struggle every beauty girl goes through, regardless of the hues and skin tone. Since having a pink lippie is an absolute must every girl (next to owning red lipstick), we decided to share our best kept secrets when it comes to hunting for the absolute best pink lipstick to suit every skin tone. This is because no matter how great the lippie is, it will only flatter you best when it's the shade or hue that matches your particular skin tone. But before anything, make sure to figure out your specific skin color. After you know what it is, just scroll down to find out what shade of pink lipstick you should be sporting from now until forever! Happy hunting!

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