Beauty Q&A: What is the Proper Order of Applying Skin Care Loot?

Find out the right order of applying your go-to skin care products!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 21, 2016
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Every girl has her own skin care routine that she follows by heart. But with all the skin care products popping out, it's confusing to know which product should go first and which should go last. To make sure that you are able to maximize the different benefits of your go-to skincare loot, we asked Dr. Raissa to give us the lowdown on what really is the proper order of applying different skin care products.

Q: What is the proper order of applying skin care products?

Dr. Raissa:  I am a big believer in individualizing one's skin care routine based on the specific skin type and skin concerns because there is no single approach to a good skin care regimen. But, here are the steps covering the basic products that one should use. Products can be added to the steps to target specific skin problems like acne.

Follow these steps before you hit the sheets:

  1. Cleanse. Never sleep with your makeup on! 

  2. Tone. Note that toners are recommended for oily or combination skin only.

  3. Treat. Use products to target your specific skin concerns such as acne, or pigmentation.

  4. Moisturize.

In the morning, follow these steps before you head out of the house: 

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  1. Cleanse.

  2. Treat. Again, use products to target specific skin concerns.

  3. Moisturize. Moisturize in the morning if you have dry skin. But for girls with oily skin types, you can skip this step.

  4. Protect your skin with sunscreen.

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