Beauty Q&A: What is the Best Way to Avoid Dark Spots?

by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 28, 2016
Image: Janelle Salvador | ART Clare Magno
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We know that every girl aims to have great skin, but if you have dark spots on your face because of constant sun exposure and modern acne, there's no need to stress because it's not permanent, and totally fixable! Just follow the tips Dr. Raissa shares with us to start your battle plan against dark spots.

Q: What is the best way to avoid dark spots?

Dr. Raissa: Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of ways to avoid dark spots. Just follow these easy to do skin care tips to avoid, or fix this common beauty problem.

1. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (both UVA and UVB) protection on your face, neck, and other exposed areas daily. Be sure to use an SPF of at least 30.

2. Always remember that the sunscreen in your powder, foundation, or any makeup is not enough. Use a sunscreen first, then apply makeup on top of it.

3. When applying sunscreen, keep in mind that you need a teaspoon of sunscreen to adequately protect your face. 

4. Avoid going out into the sun between 10 AM to 4 PM because this is when the sun's rays are strongest. If you have to go out during this time, walk in the shade, or use an umbrella. 

5. If you are swimming in the pool or beach, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

6. Do not use tanning beds as these emit large doses of harmful UV radiation.

7. Use sunglasses, hats. and sun-protective clothing especially if you play outdoor sports.

8. Apply a serum, or cream containing Vitamin C because this helps prevent dark spots, and lighten existing hyperpigmentation. 


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