Beauty Q & A: How Do I Make My Mani Last Longer?

Find out how you can make your cute nail art and perfectly polished nails last so much longer!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Apr 15, 2014
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Have you ever experienced painting the most perfect mani ever only to have it chipped or totally smeared just a few seconds later? Yup, we hear you! We've all gone through that same heartbreak before and we mean heartbreak because somehow you can't fix it well enough to get it just as perfect the first time. Well, to make sure your time, effort, and even money (nail salons can get pricey) don't get wasted, we're here to help you out with one of the most common beauty problems of all—how to make your manicure last longer. So, just click on the gallery below to find out what products and tricks you'll need to keep your polished nails looking fab for a really long time!

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