Beauty Q & A: How Do I Cure My Sunburn?

Learn how you can help your skin recover after a bad sunburn. Trust us, these simple tips can do wonders!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Apr 4, 2014
PHOTO Mark Jesalva, brands featured
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Summer is in full gear and Holy Week is just two weeks away, which means you're most likely headed to the your favorite beach or even your neighborhood pool. This also means you're going to be basking under the sun A LOT and will need double protection. And, even if you're just staying in the city all summer, you still won't be able to escape the scorching hot sun! Since there's a big chance you're too busy having fun that you'll forget to slather on some sunscreen, there's also a big possibility you're going to get sunburned in the parts of your body that were exposed the most. Just in case this happens, we want you to be prepared with sure-fire solutions to how you can alleviate your sunburn! So, even if you don't think it will happen to you, just click on the gallery for some life-saving tips to cure your bad sunburn.


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