Beauty Q & A: Can I Still Wear Makeup Even If I Have Acne?

We help you deal with this classic beauty dilemma!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Oct 7, 2014
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Acne must be at the top of every girl's dislikes list. It's a common beauty problem that isn't only painful and unappealing to look at, it can also easily make anyone feel less confident. Not to mention the forever dilemma of whether to cover it up or just leave it be. Since we know just how much it totally sucks to have a pimple, especially on a really important and special day, we're here to help you out by first saying that it's actually okay to wear makeup even with those unwanted bumps on your face. But remember that it still all depends on your situation and the products you'll use. For more answers and tips to the proper makeup look you can wear, simply click on the gallery below! Make sure to take notes so that you'll never have to feel bad about your acne again.

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