Andrea Brillantes Only Uses This Makeup Product for School

by Reins Mikalyn Melitante   |  Sep 2, 2017
Image: Andrea Brillantes |
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In an age where college girls are either stressed from school or puyat after a night out, makeup is your usual go-to for masking any signs of dark circles, breakouts, and more skin issues! To make sure that you're confident in your own skin—with or without makeup—Andrea Brillantes shares her go-to makeup tips that never fail to boost her confidence!

Love your skin!

"Putting on too much makeup can lead us to having pimples or even dry skin. So give your skin time to breathe and relax." —Andrea Brillantes

While playing with makeup is fun, it's important to give your skin a little break here and there, too! Let's not forget that great skin is also the best base for your makeup!

Blush, blush, blush.

"During school days, I used to put blush on my cheeks because it made me feel more confident and beautiful." —Andrea Brillantes

No time to put on a full face? Keep your face bare and just add a pop of color on your cheeks like Andrea does.

Get creative!

"Remember that it's your life and it's your face, do whatever you love and get creative. Makeup can’t hurt, you it can bring joy and happiness to your life." —Andrea Brillantes

Makeup should be fun so think out of the box and just have fun! The world is your runway, wake up, and slay your makeup look!

Break the status quo.

"If you feel like wearing a purple eye shadow or a dark matte color lipstick go for it." —Andrea Brillantes

Be bold and be daring. Whether it's a dark matte lipstick or a bold eye shadow, go and test it out! Try something new each day and you might just find the right shades that fit your skin tone. 

Know your limits.

"But for younger girls my advice is to not overdo your makeup." —Andrea Brillantes

What are your go-to makeup tricks?

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