Kathryn's 5 Summer Hairstyles to Try If You're Growing Out Your Hair

Kathryn Bernardo is our #HairPeg for life!
Kathryn's 5 Summer Hairstyles to Try If You're Growing Out Your Hair

Waiting for your hair to grow long is going to feel like forever if that’s all you ever do. Instead of measuring it inch by inch day by day, take advantage of your hair’s so-called “awkward” stage to experiment with different hairstyles. From buns to braids, here’s some #HairInspo to last you the whole summer:

The perfect pony

Add height to your usual ponytail by sticking two bobby pins vertically through your hair tie. This trick will give your hair that much-needed boost. Alternatively, you can also curl your ponytail for a fuller look.

Bun undone

Your hair might not be long enough to pull off a perfect bun, but that’s part of its charm! Gather your hair into an effortless knot and leave a few strands behind to frame your face. 

Vintage waves

Achieve classic Hollywood waves by curling the middle and bottom sections of your hair with a 1.5-inch barrel. Switch to an S pattern when you curl the top sections.

Braidy bunch

Just because you’re still growing your hair out doesn’t mean you can’t braid it like a boss. Just make sure to tuck the shorter strands within the braid for a cleaner finish.

Flower power

Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Wear a flower crown, a headband, or even a bandana to trips to the beach.

These hairstyles can make growing your hair out more fun, but you shouldn't forget to take care of your locks. Achieve different summer hairstyles with Sunsilk Strong and Long Shampoo! Formulated with Biotin, it helps your hair grow stronger as it grows longer. Say #HABAcadabra with Kathryn by watching the video below!

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