Mistakes You're Probably Making When You Dye Your Hair

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 17, 2020
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Have you ever felt like you just wanted a different hair color all of a sudden while in quarantine? For sure, you're not alone in having that thought. TBH, there's nothing wrong with wanting to switch up your look by dyeing your hair. In fact, experts actually have a logical explanation for it and have totally validated the idea. 

Still, you have to be extra careful when DIY-ing your way through a new 'do. There's a reason we have pros doing it for us, but since we won't be able to drop by our resident salons anytime soon, here are some things you might be doing while dyeing your own hair that are actually a no-no.

Not waiting long enough to bleach your hair again.

Getting the perfect platinum blonde shade you want will take patience, especially if you're doing it on your own (although it's really best to leave the bleaching to the experts if you're a newbie). Your dream shade won't come out the first time you dye it so you'll have to go through more than one round of bleaching. Experts would recommend waiting at least a week before doing another bleach session to avoid completely damaging your tresses.

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Washing your hair after dyeing it.

You might not be used to the smell of chemicals sticking to your tresses after dyeing it. But if you want to preserve your new color, it's best to wait for two to three days before washing your hair again.

Making the wrong expectations about your new hair color.

When we go to salons, we often come prepared with a hair peg in mind. You'll probably do the same even if it's just a DIY dye. Still, we still keep in mind that the actual results of our attempt at dyeing our hair will be different from our expectations. For one, your base hair color might affect the outcome of your DIY dye. If you start out with dark hair, it's most likely that you won't end up with a super light shade on your first try.

Coloring your hair black and then coloring it again with a lighter shade.

Should you choose to dye your hair black now, it's not advisable for you to dye it again with a lighter shade the next time around. It's because it's practically difficult to lighten chemically darkened hair. Hair professionals recommend for you to grow your black hair out first before dyeing it again with a lighter color. 



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