9 Tips to Help You Achieve Your #HairGoals

Be the girl with the prettiest hair in your barkada!
Mar 7, 2017
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9 Tips to Help You Achieve Your #HairGoals

If you're guilty of leaving your hair out to air dry or resorting to an uninspired ponytail every single day, why don't you take a chance to change things up? Don't hesitate to flaunt your locks and try various styles, too, especially if you have smooth, fragrant hair that you and the people around you wouldn't be able to help but admire. Let the Sunsilk Hairkada, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia MontesSarah Geronimo, and Ylona Garcia inspire you to #goforyourgoals!

1. Always leave a few strands to frame your face.

Wear this romantic hairstyle for a date with your own Candy Cutie, and we promise, he won't be able to take his eyes off of you.

2. If you want to look neat and polished, go for a sleek low ponytail.

This classic 'do will never go out of style! Of course, it's one of those 'dos that require smooth locks, so make sure you take care of your mane.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of a top knot.

This quick updo is so versatile that it can work on the most casual of days and the most glamorous of nights. It's even a great go-to hairstyle while you're achieving your #fitnessgoals. Master it, and you'll never have to worry about how to style your hair again.

4. Wear your hair down once in a while.

Give your hair a break from heat styling, chemical treatments, and the pressure of tight ponytails and buns. Flaunt its natural beauty and fragrance!

5. If you want a major overhaul, go for bangs.

A fringe is definitely a game changer. Even your friends won't recognize you—or they might get the same chic haircut, stat, and take #squadgoals to the next level!

7. Curl your hair to add a touch of femininity to your look. 

You can braid your hair in the morning and take a flat iron through it to get unfussy waves or leave your braids on overnight. Or put your hair up in double buns, then let it down after a few hours for a more natural finish. Do this on your long-haul flight while fulfilling your #travelgoals, and look like a true jet-setter as you step off the plane or pull off a chic airport look.

8. Add texture to your hair.

Some days, you wake up with a perfectly messy bed head. When your hair needs a bit more oomph, however, use a texturizing spray and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch!

8. Change your hair part.

This super easy trick instantly gives you a fresh look! Try a side part for a sultry vibe or a center part for a more youthful look.

9. Keep your hair smooth and manageable.

It all boils down to a good hair care routine. Pull off these different looks with ease by using Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo and Conditioner. It's the secret to having smooth and fragrant hair no matter what your #hairgoals are. Use both every day to give your hair all-day smoothness and all-day fragrance, so you're always confident to #goforyourgoals. Take it from the Sunsilk Hairkada:

Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo is available in Lazada.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Sunsilk.


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