'80s Beauty Trends Bucket List

Some of the most wearable and relatable beauty looks did come from the eighties.
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 17, 2016
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Just like the eighties fashion game, '80s beauty trends can be wacky, OTT, and out of this world, too! But if you're not into the bold beauty trends, the eighties is still a great decade to look back on to uncover old beauty trends worth trying out. After all, some of the most wearable and relatable beauty looks did come from the decade.  Read on and find out the different '80s beauty trends you should totally check out. From the simplest ones to the boldest ones, we've listed them all down for you, Candy Girls.

Pixie Cut

The eighties gal was the perfect example of a short hair, don't care wow moment. If the 2010s girl swears by the LOB, the '80s gal swore by a cool, carefree pixie cut.

Brows on Fleek

Through the years there had been a ton of changes in the eyebrow game. One minute overdrawn brows are cool, the next minute they're not. But during the '80s, the girls ditched the brow pencils, and embraced their natural, beautiful brows instead.



There was a time when almost all 2010s girl rocked a two-toned 'do. But even before young Hollywood stars rocked the ombre, Cher already set the ombre trend on fire in the '80s.

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The topknot isn't just the 2000s girl's go-to 'do for lazy days because the eighties gal rocked the topknot like a boss, too!

Bright Eyes

Back in the eighties, you can expect every girl who turned around to rock bright pops of pink, or purple for a strong eye game. Now we know where Bonnie Tyler got her famous lyrics for her hit eighties tune, "Total Eclipse of the Heart." We kid, we kid!

Side Ponytail

Because the eighties gal is anything but basic and boring, they wore their ponytails in an unusual way. They wore it on the side, high, teased, and jazzed up with bold hair accessories.

Bright Lips

The eighties gal didn't just love bright eye shadows, they painted their lips in bold, and bright lip hues, too!


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