8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin

Look your best even when it gets cold with these must-know skin care tips!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jan 8, 2015
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If there's one important fact you need to know about skin care, it's that you always need to customize it to suit your skin type and the weather. This is a constant, which is why it's important for you to first know what your skin type is and the changes you need to do for the different kinds of weather. Just like there's a specific set of products and routines you need to do for the summer, you also need to change-up and tweak a few things for your winter or cold weather skin care regimen. So whether you're off to experience winter in a foreign country or you're staying in the city for the coldest months of the year, you need to read up on subtle changes you need to make when it comes to your daily skin care routine. To make it easy for you, we listed down below the 8 simple things you can do to cold-proof your skin.

  1. Moisturize. For both your skin and face, opt for moisturizer in a cream solution over lotion. This will not only give your skin extra hydration, but it will also help lock in and retain the moisture. Nivea Creme.
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin
  2. Use a mild soap. Antibacterial and deodorant soaps are extra harsh on your skin during colder weather because of how it can compromise your skin's natural moisture. Stick to milder, fragrant-free soaps and make sure to avoid hot showers as that will instantly dry out your skin. Pears Hypoallergenic soap.
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin
  3. Opt for fragrant-free.  Using fragrant and dye-free products are your best bet because chemicals used to add fragrance and color in your products can only irritate and dry out your skin. Natural beauty products are a great choice for cold weather. Human Nature 100% Natural Day Moisturizer.
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin 
  4. Use hand cream. Make sure to always moisturize your hands after washing them. They get especially dry during colder weather so go ahead and give them some extra TLC with the help of hand cream. The Body Shop hand cream
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin 
  5. Lessen exfoliating. Try not to have too many facial peels, masks, and scrubs. These exfoliating steps will only irritate your skin in the cold weather.
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin
  6. Don't forget SPF. Just because you don't see or feel the sun so much, doesn't mean it's not there! UV rays can penetrate clouds so make sure to protect your skin from aging and sun damage by making sure to apply your sunscreen daily! Cetaphil Daylong sunblock.
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin
  7. Swipe on the lip balm. Simply licking your lips for moisture in the cold weather is not enough. Avoid having dry and flaky lips by making sure to apply lip balm several times throughout the day. Maybelline Baby Lips.
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin
  8. Always apply toner after cleansing. Most people don't know that there is only a 1-minute window after cleansing when the skin is damp. This is actually the right time to seal in moisture to avoid dry skin. So make sure to quickly apply your toner within the 60 seconds and then follow it up with your moisturizer.
    8 Ways To Cold-Proof Your Skin

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