8 Tattoos Every Sagittarius Girl Will Love

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by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 5, 2016
Image: Pinterest Art: Clare Magno
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Sagittarius girls are as curious as a cat, and as energetic as their fire sign. Bold and fearless, you can always depend on a Sagittarian to give you the most fun you will probably ever have in your life, and an adventure of a lifetime. So show the world your boldness and feistiness with a raging tatt that's nothing short of brave, tenacious, and full of meaning, Sagittarius girls!

A Sagittarian is represented by a bow and an arrow, so what better way is there to show your Sag pride than a tiny bow and arrow ink on the side of your foot?

Show off your explorer side with a cool Up-inspired tattoo that will constantly remind you to explore the world way past your boundaries.

Sagittarians are known to be free-spirited risk-takers. And there's really no better words for a Sag girl to live by than the iconic phrase, "Carpe Diem."


Let this small, but meaningful tattoo inspire you to travel to different cities, or even countries and absorb the different cultures from all over the world to further enhance your people skills and knowledge Sags!

A cool constellation tattoo is always a great way to show off your Sag pride!

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An arrow ink on your forearm is edgy, and has an almost rebellious feel to it, perfect for the willful Sagittarian.

Show off your love for the outdoors and your adventurous side with a dark, but cool pine trees ink!

It's no secret that you can never hold a Sagittarian back. This "Freed" tatt may be simple, but its message is strong, loud, and clear, for every Sag girl.

Sagittarian Candy Girls, which of these cute tatts is your favorite? 

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