8 Tattoos Every Pisces Girl Will Love

Spice things up with a cute tatt, Pisces girls!
by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 26, 2016
Image: Pinterest Art: Clare Magno
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If there's anyone you can rely on for anything and everything, you know you can always count on a Pisces girl to save the day. While they're proven to be empathic, loyal, and compassionate, Pisces girls are fun and exciting to be around with, too! So, if you're up for a day that's nothing short of exhilarating, call a Pisces friend for a hangout that'll definitely be one for the books! If you're wondering how you can show off your imaginative side, Pisces gals, choose from these cool tatt ideas that show off your fun, compassionate, and artistic side like no other.

Since Pisces is a water sign, just like the waves, the emotional power of a Pisces girl can be strong and deep, too. Show the world that being emotional can be powerful with a rad ink that shows a powerful wave being guided by a beating heart.

For a quirkier take on the water sign, opt for a cute seashell tatt we're sure the Ariel inside of you will love.


If you're up for a more radical ink idea, why not have a tiny clownfish inked on your wrist instead?

Pisces gals are known to be very artistic and musically inclined because of its ruling planet Neptune. A tiny musical note is perfect to showcase your love for the music without going overboard.

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Because of their strong empathy, Pisces girls are known to be great pillars of strength. They're known to bring in light to people's lives, even if they themselves are facing challenges of their own. Get a tatt that shows your incredible strength just like this Latin ink that means light in darkness.

Choose an ink that's dainty, but full of meaning like a pair of angel wings for a tatt that perfectly sums up how caring a Pisces girl can be.

A heart ink may be small and dainty, but it’s the perfect ink for a warm and loving Pisces gal!


While some signs rely on facts before making a decision, the Pisces girl trusts her gut feel to guide her. Get a tatt that's beautiful, and will never fail to remind you that on days when you're doubting yourself, all you need is faith to get you going.

Pisces Candy Girls, which of these cute tatts is your favorite? 

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