8 Tattoos Every Libra Girl Will Love

Show your edgier and bolder side with a cool new ink for a heavy dose of cool and sass.
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 20, 2016
Image: Pinterest Art: Clare Magno
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Gracious, harmonious, and fair-minded, Libra girls are the epitome of peace and tranquility. While a Libra gal is often meeker than most of the signs, it doesn't mean that they're not fun, exciting, and bold anymore because they are. Show your edgier and bolder side with a cool new ink for a heavy dose of cool and sass, Libra gals!

What better way is there to show off your Libra pride than a Libra symbol inked on your wrist?

The scales represent the Libra sign because Libra girls are known to constantly seek for balance and harmony in everything that they do. Choose a small Libra scales tatt and ink it on your finger for a cute and quirky tattoo.

Librans seek solace in the great outdoors—especially the sight of the beautiful nature. A pine tree tatt is cool, unique, and a great way to show your love for nature, too!


While Libra girls may be quiet, they can be adventurous, too! Choose a tatt that embodies your adventurous side like a mountain range tatt that spells bold and edgy. Plus, it's cool to look at don't you think?

Combine your love for nature and your sign by choosing a cool tattoo design that mixes both elements.

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Although Librans are meeker than most of the signs, they hate being alone, and loves to do things in teams. Why don't you get a cool matching tatt with your bestie just like this cute ink?

Libra girls often surround themselves with beautiful art pieces, nature, and music for their enjoyment. Why don't you choose a musical notes ink for a cute, fun, and pretty collarbone tattoo.

You can also keep it sleek and simple with a "balance" word tatt instead!

Libra Candy Girls, which of these cute tatts is your favorite?

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