8 Tattoos Every Capricorn Girl Will Love

Take your pick from these rad ink ideas, Capricorn gals!
by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 12, 2016
Image: Pinterest Art: Clare Magno
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Capricorn girls are usually the responsible and practical ones in the bunch. While Caps are known for their unimaginable self-control and discipline, show the world that Capricorn gals are still fun and creative with a cute tatt that's stylish, and perfectly embodies who you are.

What better way is there to show that you're a proud Capricorn than with the Cap sign inked on the back of your neck for a fashionable surprise?

Because a Cap is known for always being hard at work, escape the busyness with your love for the music. Plus, a tiny musical note tatt on your ear is a pretty cool ink idea, too!

While a Capricorn girl is all about business and practicality, despite her busyness she never neglects her family, and always always puts them first! Why don't you show your love for your fam with a sweet "Ohana" tatt?

The master of self-control, Caps always know what they want in life, and plan exactly how they're going to achieve their goals. But even with all the planning, there's still no guarantee that things will will go the way you want it. Choose a meaningful compass ink to help keep you emotionally grounded, and remind you that there is still somewhere to go when things go awry.

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Capricorn girls are known for being great leaders because apart from their strong drive to succeed, they don't just rely on other people to get to the top, they make it happen themselves. Choose a tatt that's stylish, but still meaningful just like this cool "create yourself" ink.

While Cap girls may often be busy, they still always make sure that their output is of excellent quality just like a precious diamond.

There will be days when things will become too much to handle even for the most hardworking and resilient Capricorn. Opt for a tattoo that will help remind you that even in the toughest situation, mind over matter will do the trick.

For a cute and fun tatt idea, ink your ruling planet Saturn on your wrist!

Capricorn Candy Girls, which of these cute tatts is your favorite? 

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