8 Smart Concealer Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know by Heart

It's time to get smart with your beauty looks, too!
by Janelle Yau   |  Apr 10, 2017
Image: Arra San Agustin | instagram.com/arrasanagustin
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Whether you love splurging on the trendiest makeup or couldn't care less about beauty products, you know for a fact that every girl could use a trusty concealer. After all, those dark circles and surprise zits aren't going to cover themselves up! But aside from hiding any skin imperfection, there are so many other things your concealer can do to instantly up the ante of your beauty looks!

We've always loved YouTube beauty vlogger Sonia Gasparian and her easy-to-cop makeup hacks and beauty tips, now the beauty vlogger is back with yet another smart video that even a non-beauty girl will find useful! From the pinpoint concealing technique to carving out that cat eye, watch the video below and arm yourself with these smart concealer tricks every girl just needs to know by heart.

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