7 Ways To Look Fresh Even After Dismissal

Find out how you can stay fresh and clean all day, every day!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jul 11, 2014
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Raise your hands up high and proud if staying fresh is also a daily struggle for you. Whether you spend all day at school or at your internship, looking tired, sweaty, and drained is inevitable–especially on really busy days! Since no one in the history of ever actually wants to look this way, we decided to share our own tips to staying fresh and clean until the end of the longest days. So you can focus on all the school stuff and tasks you need to get done, instead of spending precious time figuring it out for yourself. If you want to look oh-so pretty, clean, and fresh all day, every day, just click on the gallery below for all the simple and life-saving tricks you need to remember and do!

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Resident fashion and beauty girl. I’m a health-nut who devotes cheat days to french fries and other glorious carbs. I live at the beach and I can talk about movies, music,  clothes, and my current beauty obsessions for hours on end. 
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