7 Makeup Mishaps Girls Who Have No Idea What They're Doing are Bound to Experience

by Karen Francisco   |  Apr 17, 2017
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No matter how many makeup tutorials you watch on YouTube, there are just some things that you can't get right—on the first try at least. We're pretty sure that all of us have experienced a makeup blunder one way or another, but it's okay, Candy Girls! No one's perfect and everyone has to start somewhere! Check out the seven makeup mishaps that we're sure every girl who has no idea what she's doing has experienced or is bound to experience on their makeup journey.

Buying the wrong shade of foundation.

Seeing ten to twenty different foundation shades may seem pretty overwhelming when you're shopping for yoru base. And to make matters worse, there are three different undertones to choose from, too! We've all bought the wrong shade of foundation at least once our life. That's why, it's definitely best to go to the drugstore yourself and take the time to pick the right shade for your skin and don't just wing it!

Not blending the foundation to your neck.

Have you ever done your makeup in your bathroom, but once you head out, you realize that your face is a completely different shade compared to your neck? That's because you forgot to blend your foundation all the way to your neck! While the two-tone lip trend is cool, having a different face shade to your neck is not. So don't forget to always include your neck in your makeup process.

Uneven winged liner.

Winged liners are very tricky to do. For one, there are countless way to do a winged tip! You can do a baby wing if you're feeling shy or a full wing for the bolder days. But we all know that the biggest challenge when it comes to the eye liner is making sure that both wings are even. But don't stress or get frustrated if you can't do it just yet. After all, no one gets this right on the first time, anyway! It just takes a lot of practice to get this right, but trust us, you'll get there in no time!


Putting on a pair of falsies.

Every time a clueless girl tries to put on a pair of falsies, there's no doubt that she's probably wondering if all this is even worth it. After all, they're just so difficult to put on! But just like your winged tips, practice makes perfect and before you know it, you're probably a falsies master already!

Spider lashes

There's no doubt that every girl could use a great mascara for extra fluttery lashes. While mascara can always be fun to play with, be careful while applying it to your lashes and always make sure that you lashes are not clumped to avoid spider lashes!

Applying too much bronzer!

Looking tan and sunkissed is probably every girl's summer skin #Goals, but going overboard with the bronzer is a big no-no that we're sure every girl has gone through at least once (or maybe even more)! Just apply an ample amount of bronzer on your cheekbones and your forehead to score that sunkissed glow without breaking a sweat!


Going to the club with your friends may sound fun, but not if you get tons of flashback from all your photos! You may think that you've bought the wrong shade of concealer or powder, but it's actually just the SPF in your makeup that's causing your face to look ten times whiter in pictures than it really is IRL. Try to avoid using makeup that contains SPF when you know you're going to have flash pictures taken the whole night!

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What's the biggest makeup faux pas that you’ve experienced? Let’s swap beauty horror stories below!

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