7 Days To Healthy Hair

by Nicole Romero   |  Oct 23, 2014
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Waking up to frizzy, unruly hair is super frustrating! Rather than sighing to your reflection in the mirror, take control of your strands with these daily tips that can lead to your best hair ever when practiced regularly!

Day 1: Schedule a hair cut.
Sometimes, your strands don't fall properly because you're in need of a good trim. Need more incentive? When you snip away dry or split ends, your hair will look a lot healthier, too!

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Day 2: Use the right shampoo.
Are you using the right kind for your hair? Read the label and go with a volumizing formula if your strands are limp and a frizz-free option if your strands tend to get buhaghag.



Try: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo, P399.

Day 3: Make time for conditioner—or hair vitamins.
Yes, you need to do this to help bring back oils and nutrients that your shampoo may have stripped from your strands. If you feel like conditioner isn't enough for your damaged tresses, try the Dove Daily Hair Vitamin, P75 per pack. It's packed with vitamin E and botanical extracts to protect and heal your hair.


Day 4: Try hair oils.
These will help nourish your hair, keep it frizz-free, and strengthen it from within. Opt for one that has lots of beta carotene to help strands grow faster and stronger like Davines Oi Oil, P1,195. It's an awesome detangler, too!


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Day 5: Don't leave home with wet hair.
We know it's hard to do this—especially if you're late for class. When your hair is wet, it can absorb more dirt and bacteria (ew!) and it can dull strands. Try washing and air drying your locks before bed to amp up the shine.

7 Days to Healthy Hairvia theonyxhotel.tumblr.com

Day 6: Opt for snag-free accessories.
Investing in a good brush and elastics that won't break strands is a must. It's the best way to prevent split-ends! 

Try Goody Ouchless Ribbons Elastics and Ribbons, P449.75 per set.


Day 7: Do a DIY treatment.
No need to spend your allowance on a hot oil at the salon. Instead, grab some VCO (virgin coconut oil) and massage it on clean, dry strands. Wear a shower cap overnight (or just leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes) and rinse well. You'll love how soft and silky your hair will be!


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