7 Basic Lip Care Tips You Need to Know To Fix Dry and Chapped Lips

by Janelle Yau   |  Jan 8, 2017
Image: Youtube Art: Clare Magno
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Admit it, whether you're a beauty girl or not, spoiling your skin with a face mask or trying out the much hyped Korean skin care routine never fails to leave you feeling ecstatic over how soft and glowing your skin looks afterwards. While a lot of the established skin care routines give emphasis on the sensitive skin around the eye, cleansing the pores, and even nourishing the brows, a lot of these skin care regimens seem to forget one more important part: the lips.

Whether you swipe on a bold red lip or a subtle nude lippie, you know that a good bullet always always boosts a girl's confidence to the nth level. But as every beauty girl knows, skin care is more important than makeup and the same goes for your lips, Candy Girls. That's why in order to maximize your favorite lippies, you need to prep and make sure that your lips are soft, smooth, and healthy! There are so many lip care tips that promise to smoothen your lips in a snap, but YouTube beauty vlogger Jennifer Chiu breaks down and shows us the easiest and most effective lip care tips you need to know to fight off dry and chapped lips, STAT! So watch the short clip below and be on your way to soft and smooth lips.

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