6 Reasons Why Should Totally Embrace Your Morena Skin

Love your natural beauty and you will always win at life!
by Isabela Secillano   |  Feb 15, 2016
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It’s such a shame that we live in a society wherein we’re not encouraged to love what we have. Well, it’s time to turn things around and finally celebrate our God-given beauty. Filipinas have naturally tan skin, which in fact a lot of foreign gals would surely love to have. This is why they get fake tans, but Filipinas? Effortlessly bronzed! Sometimes staying true to who you are and what you look like is what makes you even more attractive. Appreciation makes you beautiful, you know? So why not learn to love your skin? There are many reasons why morena-skinned girls win at life! Seriously.

  1. Dewy or glowy makeup looks so good on you.

    One word: highlighter. And no, this is not the marker you use for reviewing your notes. It's the makeup product you use to make your skin look glowing and radiant. The best thing about morena skin is that the glow is more prominent compared to fairer skin tones. So go ahead and start applying a little highlighter on your pretty face.

  2. Bright colored pieces are your BFFs!

    No one seems to have the courage to sport bright colors nowadays. Everyone's always sporting looks in black, white, or gray, which is honestly dull at times. Luckily for morena girls, bright colors complement their skin tone. We assure you that you'll always look crazy good when you invest in a colorful wardrobe!

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  3. Who needs bronzer? Not you!

    Why use bronzer when you've got perfectly bronzed skin? Some fair-skinned people think they're pale and dedicate their lives to bronzers to make them look less sickly-looking,. So be thankful!

  4. You also don't need to bask under the sun for a tan.

    Some people seriously love a good tan which is why some take the time to be under the sun to get the skin tone that they want. Now put that whitening cream down and love the tan skin you are naturally blessed with.

  5. You're sometimes mistaken for being foreign.

    Your morena skin makes you stand out so much that people sometimes think you're not from here. Girl, your genes don't go unnoticed with your fab skin tone! Don't try and hide it.

  6. Loving yourself truly will only bring out your natural beauty further.

    The most important reason as to why you should embrace your morena skin is because you should embrace all that you are. Learn to love the skin that you're in and you'll live a happier life!

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