6 Easy Tricks to Make Your Hair Dry Faster

by Janelle Yau   |  Apr 30, 2017
Image: Gabbi Garcia | instagram.com/_gabbigarcia
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One of the best perks about getting a short cut is that your hair dries faster than you can say hello! Okay, we might be exaggerating a bit, but you get our point. But what if we told you that drying your long locks doesn't have to be as tiring as it usually is? Don't believe us? We asked celebrity hairstylist Mark Rosales to share with us his easiest tricks to make the hair dry faster so you can be well on your way to great hair.

Use conditioner in the shower! Girls always think that conditioner only smoothens and nourishes your hair, but not only does it make your hair softer and smoother upon application, it also helps repel water, drying your tresses faster.

Shake your hair while you're still in the shower. Shaking out the excess water by flipping your head upside down and running your finger through it helps speed out the process of drying your hair by a mile!

Focus on the roots. The ends of your hair tend to dry first, so to help speed up the process, when blotting your hair with a towel, focus on the roots because the root area is usually the last one to dry up.

Be sure to use the right comb. One common mistake a lot of girls do when drying their hair is using the wrong type of comb or brush. When drying your tresses, make sure to switch from your usual brush to a wide-toothed comb to separate the hair and allow air flow, drying it much faster.


Invest in a good blow dryer. Girls tend to make the mistake of just settling for whatever blow dryer they could find. When shopping for a dryer, choose one that not only dries your hair, but helps create smooth and shiny strands in the process. When blow drying, remember to always start with the bottom sections of your hair, so you don't end up wetting the sections that you have already dried.

Do everything else first! Let's face it, not everyone has the energy or the time to dry their hair with a blow dryer or to sit in front of a fan. Since the weather is already warmer than usual, let your hair air dry naturally as you go about your day. No sweat.

Mark Rosales is the founder of Thesis Salon at Bonifacio Stop Over in BGC and Marked Pomade. When he's not busy managing the salon, Mark spends his time working with celebrities like Gabbi Garcia, Aicelle Santos, Klea Pineda, Kate Valdez, and Martine Cajucom.

What are the hair drying tricks that you absolutely swear by?

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