6 Beauty Habits Every College Girl Should Know by Heart

by Ryanne Co   |  Oct 16, 2017
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You'd think that by the time you reach your semi-adult years, you'd know better right? While we all have our fair share of bad habits that range from the annoying to disgusting and even downright embarrassing, your beauty routine isn't something you should treat carelessly. Remember, no one stays young forever and at some point in your lives, you'll look back and regret the things you didn't do when you had the chance. To save yourself from any form of regret 20 years from now, here are a few beauty habits you should def take note of!

Remove all your makeup at the end of the day


Ironically one of the most important rules in all of the beauty world: always always remove your makeup at the end of every day. We get that this can be tedious—especially when all you want to do when you get home from that party is sleep. But remember, a few extra minutes of shut-eye aren't worth sacrificing the condition of your skin! Sleeping with makeup on leads to clogged pores, dry skin, breakouts, and the telltale red patches that come with an irritated epidermis, too! Yikes!

Moisturize and apply SPF


UV rays are not only bad for the collagen that keeps your skin youthful, but overexposure to the sun is a health hazard, too—especially if you have fair skin. Don't forget to put on sunblock before you leave the house every day: both on your face and your body. (Liquid Health


Exfoliating is one of those things you just shouldn't overdo it. Unless you have delicate skin, incorporating this step into your routine twice a week should be enough to remove dirt build-up and keep your skin soft and smooth. It's best to do this at night before sleeping, and remember not to scrub too hard too.


Use eye cream


Here's a question: when is the right time to start using eye cream? The answer may surprise you but according to dermatologists, it's as early as when you hit the big 2-0. This is because of the skin around the eye area ages faster than the skin anywhere else. Imagine that every time you squint or smile, you stretch the skin around our eyes, causing wrinkles and lines. Does this mean that we have to stop smiling? Of course not! Just invest in a good eye cream.

Clean your makeup brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Hopefully, sometime this week because think about it: you put this on your face all the time. Do you really want something that's possibly growing bacteria to run through your pores and clog them up?

Sleep earlier


We get it, you're busy. Who isn't? But being busy is a whole different story from procrastinating. Sometimes, we procrastinate so much we end up pulling all-nighters or sleeping late. Yeah, it's easy to bounce back now but not when you're older. Losing sleep causes breakouts and dark circles, not to mention cranky mornings and a messed-up metabolism, so be sure to manage your time well in order for you to get the beauty sleep you deserve.

Remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body so take good care of it! The habits you build now are the ones that you’ll look back on when you’re older either with regret or relief, so don't make the mistake of scrimping out on good beauty habits when you had the chance. Your older self will thank you!

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