5 Ways to Style Your Hair Without Heat So You Won't Ruin Your Locks

No heat but still great hair!
by Frances Beltran   |  Sep 1, 2017
Image: Mark Jesalva, Unsplash
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It's hard enough having to wake up at the most unreasonable hours of the morning just to make sure your skin care routine is on-point along with your makeup. But to have to style your hair, too? Count us out! Because we know you're so over having to style your hair with a flat iron or a curling iron every morning, we're listing down five ways you can style your tresses minus the heat!

Space Buns

Split your hair into two sections by sliding your fingers just above your ears and gathering all the hair from there. Take one side of the section and twist the entire part until the tips. Once you've got the hair in a tube-like form, place the end on the crown of your head, and proceed to twist it around a finger. Secure the bun with an elastic and repeat with the other side.

Headband Curls


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Place a headband around your forehead with your hair securely pressed underneath it. Little by little, take sections of your hair, and twist them together. Proceed to wrap them around the headband to resemble a halo. Sleep on this look overnight, remove the twisted strands from the band in the morning, and get ready for curls that look too professional to be a DIY


Upside Down Braid

Flip your head over and start a French braid from the hair nearest to your neck until your crown. Secure this with an elastic and throw the remaining locks into a bun. Exhausting to easy? We think so.

Twisted Top Knot

Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Section this into two parts and do a simple braid on both sides. Secure each with an elastic. Wrap the two sides together to create a bun, then use bobby pins to keep them intact. Simple but effective, this is your classic messy bun with a literal twist.

Fishtail Hack

Start by gathering all your hair to one side. Loosely tie it together with an elastic then create a hole between the strands with your fingers. Loop the end of the ponytail through the hole and keep repeating this process until you achieve the fishtail look without the fuss. 


What do you do with your hair every morning?

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