5 Ways to Look Fresh After Your Workout

by Erin Torrejon   |  Dec 1, 2015
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With all our busy schedules, getting to squeeze in a quick workout is hard enough, let alone dashing off to another event or appointment right after your sweat session. Since we know just how real the struggle is when it comes to trying to look super fresh and clean right after a workout (seriously, how does Taylor do it?), we're here to help you out with a few simple tricks you can easily follow! So even if you don't have time to shower, you can easily look and smell extra fresh after working out by checking out our tips below.

 1  Have a change of clothes.
Just because you don't have time to shower, doesn't mean it's okay to stay in your sweaty activewear clothes post-workout. Make sure to pack fresh clothes (whether they're activewear or not) and undergarments so that you instantly feel, look, and smell fresh already!

 2  Baby powder is the way to go!
After toweling off after your workout, the best way to get rid of any odor is not by spritzing a whole bottle of your cologne, but by applying baby powder throughout your body. This will absorb any remaining moisture in your body and leave you smelling fresh. 

 3  Tie your hair and use dry shampoo. 
Freshen up your hair in an instant by applying dry shampoo or baby powder to your roots. Afterwards, brush it all out to make sure your looks don't look greasy! Then to look polished, opt for tying your hair or keeping it in a cute updo or braid. 


 4  Wash your face.
Working out makes you sweat a lot and attracts dirt from all the various moves and tools you use. Make sure to get rid of any dirt and sweat on your face by washing it with a gentle facial wash and exfoliator. This will also help make you feel extra fresh without having to shower. 

 5  Have the bare essentials.
When it comes to your makeup, simplicity is key. All you need is a little color on your lips and cheeks to brighten up your face! So make sure to always carry your favorite lip and cheek tint in your gym bag, and a face mist to keep you feeling cool.

Want more tips for looking fresh? Share your thoughts and comments with us below or tweet us at @candymagdotcom.

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