5 Underused Grooming Tips College Guys Can Use To Look Fresh, Mabango

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by Isabel Salvosa   |  Apr 10, 2020
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If you've been looking for ways to feel better at home, improving your grooming and self-care habits can def help calm your mind. Plus, your future self will thank you for it once you turn these tips into habits.

Think you’ve got the basics of men’s grooming covered? Check our list below for any steps you might have forgotten to add to your routine!

Eliminate that unibrow.

Nothing wrong with bushy eyebrows, but a unibrow means the situation’s getting a little too hairy. Can’t handle a tweezer? Visit a brow salon. Or the next time you’re due for a haircut, try asking your barber to trim your brows for you.

Don’t forget your SPF.

If you hate the tacky feeling of sunscreen you’d wear to the beach, don’t worry. There are plenty of sunscreen options available in lightweight gel formulas. Some of them even come in sunscreen-moisturizer hybrid.


Clean up the back of your neck.

Hold up a mirror and carefully use a trimmer to get rid of hair at the back of your neck. You can also ask a friend to help you out. Just make sure to follow your natural hairline while trimming.

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Use eye cream.

There’s no denying that we’re all a little stressed these days. If you don’t want that to show on your face, invest in a hydrating eye cream. Then bid dark circles and puffy bags goodbye!

Find a signature scent.

Nope, deodorant spray doesn’t count as your signature scent. Do you prefer dark, musky aromas, or a light, citrusy fragrance? Either way, go for a subtle scent that lingers, but won’t overpower passersby.

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