5 Simple Tips for Growing Out Your Hair Properly

Skip the awkward hair phase with these easy tips!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jun 21, 2015
ART Trixie Ison, PHOTO Mark Jesalva
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Whether you just realized that the pixie 'do isn't for you or you're simply itching for change in the form of longer locks, growing hair out can be challenging, awkward, and a major pain. Lucky for you, we know this hair problem all too well, which is why we're dishing our simple and easy tips for growing out hair gracefully and properly, because no one wants to experience the awkward hair-growth-stage. So if you're looking to grow out that pixie or lob, we suggest you start scrolling down below and take note of all the tips!

 1  Don't shampoo every day. 

The key to growing out your hair is having healthy locks that can grow out properly and fast. Try using shampoo every other day instead because it contains ingredients that open the hair cuticle and rinse away oils. You actually need those oils to seal the cuticle and keep your tresses strong.


 2  Don't be afraid to get a trim.

If the ends of your hair are damaged from heating tools or chemicals, there is a big chance the strands will fray and split. This is why you need to trim split ends (every 10 weeks) before it futher damages your locks. The right cut and adding a few layers can actually give the illusion of length.

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 3  Avoid touching hair when wet.

Hair is most vunerable when it's wet, so pulling, tugging, and brushing your hair when it's wet only weakens it. Also try to use heating tools when your hair is already 80% dry because using a brush and heating tools together when your hair is wet can only slow down and worsen your growing process.

 4  Stay away from the heat.

Constantly using heating tools, along with hair coloring and straightening, can easily keep your hair from growing. Give your hair a break from your hair dryer or styling iron at least once a week and try turning down the heat.


 5  Keep your hair loose or down.

Putting your hair into a tight ponytail or bun can add stress to your locks or worst, cause your hair to loosen at the root, break, and fall out. Switch up your hairstyles from time to time and opt to either wear your hair down or in a loose ponytail instead.

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