5 Tips for Flawless Makeup Straight from the Pros

Find out how you step up your makeup game with a little help from the experts!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jan 11, 2015
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Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or just starting to learn how to apply makeup, learning how to achieve flawless-looking skin is a definite must! But since creating this makeup look, which gives the illusion of skin that's naturally smooth and even, gets a litle challenging, it can be a little intimidating. Since we want you to always enjoy getting dolled up, we went ahead and asked the pros a.k.a. today's best makeup artists for their best tips on how to achieve the flawless makeup look that will always make you look your best! With tons of experience making celebrities and models look extra gorgeous, these experts definitely know a lot and were generous enough to share their knowledge with us! All you need to do now is scroll down to learn more.

  1. "For flawless looking skin, less is more! You don't have to cover areas that don't need covering. You can apply a bit of concealer underneath the eyes and other problem areas, brush a bit of loose powder, and that's it!" —Sari Campos, freelance makeup artist


  2. "Before you can achieve a flawless look, you have to have great skin. Start with clensing, toning, and mousturizing daily. Then follow the process of a makeup base, followed by concealer, and then set it all with powder. Finish off your look with groomed brows, then blush and a lippie." —Angie Cruz, Shu Uemura 


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  3. "To achieve flawless-looking skin, start off  by applying toner and after that moisturize, then massage your face for 3mins. Wait until the moisturizer has been absorbed by your skin. Afterwards, apply concealer or corrector to any blemishes or dark spots. Lastly, apply foundation in your skin tone and apply powder in the same color to set the foundation." —Eddie Mar Cabiltes, L'Oreal Academy

  4. "To cover skin discoloration, especially the blueish-grayish area, use a peach-colored concealer or brightener (like the Revlon Photoready Eye Primer and Brightener) before covering the area with foundation. This trick also controls the intensity of the foundation to use. Usually, the tendency of the user is to apply a lot of foundation (thick) until the discoloration/blemish is covered." —Eman De Leon, Revlon


  5. "I would recommend blending brushes! The key to looking flawless is blending, blending, blending! Makeup has to look like it's not there and you just look gorgeous. I recommend stippling brushes for applying your base." —Tatin Yang, freelance makeup artist


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