5 Things You Should Know If You Commute to School Every Day

Find out how to make sure your hair still smells fresh when you get to class.
5 Things You Should Know If You Commute to School Every Day

Pollution, traffic, and unpredictable weather can make commuting to school way more difficult than it needs to be, and can often leave you feeling sticky, gross, and mentally drained before you even get to class. But there are ways to make your journey to school a lot less stressful. Below, some tips on surviving rush hour in Manila:

1. Download a navigation app.

Apps like Waze or Google Maps can help you calculate your travel time and make sure you’re never late for class. Just add a 30- to 45-minute allowance before your class starts so that you have time to prepare for your lessons when you get to school.

2. Check the weather.

Rainy season is here, which is why you should always check the weather forecast the night before. This will help you plan your outfit accordingly and make sure it’s both rain-proof and commuter-friendly. Also, always carry an umbrella with you because you never really know when the rain will start to pour.

3. Make the perfect playlist.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic and long lines (not to mention rude passengers) can stress you out way before you even begin your day. Fight the ~bad vibes~ with a playlist that will both wake you up and put you in a good mood. Just make sure to stay aware of your surroundings by keeping only one earphone in.

4. Take care of your belongings.

Pickpockets are a dangerous reality when it comes to commuting, so it best to always be alert. Aside from keeping your bag close to you with the openings facing your body, it also helps to only bring the exact amount of money you need for the day and to keep your phone inside your bag instead of in your pockets.

5. Find ways to keep your hair smelling fresh.

No matter how cute you think you look after getting ready at home, commuting can often leave you feeling and smelling gross once you get to school. Sweat, close contact with other people, and other uncontrollable factors can all cause that. Hair absorbs all these different odors, so protect yourself from the get-go by using a fragrant shampoo such as Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo. It has a floral scent that can last all day so you're always #ExtraReady. It also has a blend of five flower essences to help keep hair soft and fragrant.

To show that it’s possible to stay fresh during your trip, we challenged Ylona Garcia and Bella Racelis to commute to school and complete a series of challenges along the way. Watch them below:

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