5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Ombré Hair

For starters, it looks good on everyone!
by Ira Nopuente for Cosmo.ph   |  May 7, 2016
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Ombré hair, the dye job that calls for lighter ends, was just a trend years ago. But as we have seen it's face-flattering benefits, looks like the trend is here to stay. Similar to layered haircuts, ombré hair wonderfully frames the face, which highlights your best features and slims down a round face. Also, lighter tips can brighten one's complexion, making one look younger than they actually are! Convinced? Take note of these reminders first.

Say yes to healthy ends. 
Ombré hair means having your strands bleached to a lighter hue. This can be damaging to hair, as the ends are more prone to drying and breakage than your roots. After getting an ombré job, ask your stylist for a health cut to snip off parched ends. Condition the tips every day to keep your locks healthy and shiny.

It's all about the tone.
When dark hair is bleached, it brings out its reddish undertones, making your locks appear brassy. This will make you look cheap and tired, so your stylist will tone down the rusty hue with follow up bleaching or corrective toning. Normally, cool or ashy hues balance out the orange and yellow tones. 


Resist to go extreme. 
Consider your base hair color first before deciding on your ombré hue. If you prefer majority of you hair to be dark, chestnut and golden browns will blend in niceley. But if you're totally ready to sport blonde tips, you must dye the rest of your hair in a lighter hue, too. An ombré job must look subtle, and never like a skunk.

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Harsh lines are never okay.
A definite border separating the dark and lighter strands will not flatter your face. Ombré hair is meant to look natural and sun-kissed, making your face appear younger and slimmer. A good stylist uses a hand-painting technique that beautifully blends the lighter sections with the rest of your hair. 

Leave it to the professionals. 
A gorgeous ombré job takes skillful hands to achieve, so you really have to trust your stylist with this rather than going the DIY route. He knows where to place the highlights that will work specifically for your face shape. Also, bleaching can be tricky for us, non-pros. We may end up damaging our tresses—so wrecked that snipping them all short is needed.


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