5 Skincare Myths Debunked

by Kina Velasco   |  Jul 10, 2016
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With the stress of school work, social lives, and everything in between, it would be an understatement to say that maintaining clear skin is difficult. With that, here are five common skincare misconceptions to watch out for to make your life that much easier.

  1. Oily skin does not need to be moisturized.

This is one of the most prevalent misbeliefs today. But whether your skin is dry, oily or combination—moisturizing is essential. Stripping your skin entirely of moisture after washing it will only cause more oils to be produced, and can later on cause breakouts.

  1. An SPF of 30 provides double the protection of a product with SPF 15.

As SPF does mean sun protection factor, it would seem logical to think this. But the SPF number only refers to the number of minutes you can be exposed to the sun until the damage starts to kick in.

  1. The more, the merrier!

Washing your face more frequently, scrubbing it more, or slathering on copious amounts of product won't do your skin any favors. In fact, skin expert Caroline Hirons suggested that over-washing your face ruins the acid layer and can actually inflame acne.

  1. Sun exposure can minimize acne.

Yes, sun exposure might reduce the appearance of acne in the short run. However, it can ultimately lead to pigmentation, along with skin damage and more acne. #Yikes!

  1. Sleeping with makeup on is okay.

There are undoubtedly nights where we come home and are beyond lazy to do literally anything, but ask any skin enthusiast or dermatologist – sleeping with makeup on is a big NO. Leaving foundation on while you sleep not only results in wrinkles, but also clogs pore which causes acne. Try your best to completely remove any trace of makeup before bed and your skin will thank you later.

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