5 Reasons Why You Should Go Dark With Your Hair Color Now

Take a page from Emma Watson's bold swap.
by Janelle Yau   |  Nov 18, 2016
Image: Emma Watson | instagram.com/emmawatson
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We're used to seeing Emma Watson in her trademark honey brown hair ever since her Harry Potter days, but Emma just recently made a bold move of swapping her light brown tresses to a much darker, almost black shade, and it's absolutely gorgeous!

While we love our balayages and ombré, Emma's latest hair swap make us want to go dark, too! And just in case Emma’s new 'do wasn't enough to convince you to do the same, we're leaving you with five more reasons why you should go to the dark side, STAT.

It's a classic color!

Some girls think that dark hair is plain and boring, but we say, dark hair is a classic color that's extremely versatile, too! If blondes and redheads have to worry if the color of their OOTD would clash with their 'do, dark-haired gals don't have to!

It hides hair damage with a breeze.


Darker hair tends to be more forgiving when it comes to damaged hair compared to lighter locks. So, if you're prone to getting split ends, or have frizzy hair, you can be sure that dark tresses will help you hide those bad hair days without breaking a sweat.

Dark hair looks thicker.

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If your hair is naturally thin and you want to make it look fuller and bouncier, going dark is your best bet. The dark color gives an illusion of thicker locks making your thin locks look fuller in a snap!

It makes your features pop!

The contrast of the dark color of your hair against your skin will instantly make your features—from your eyes down to your lips—pop. Plus, darker hair has been known to make one's skin look more youthful, too.

The options are limitless.

Dark hair is often associated to black hair only, but there's more to dark tresses than just the color black, Candy Girls! Just like your favorite blondes, browns, and reds, there are fifty shades of dark hair colors you can play with. So, go wild!


What hair hue do you want to rock, Candy Girls? 

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