5 Nadine Lustre-Approved Everyday Hairstyles

Easy looks to bring out your inner cool girl.
5 Nadine Lustre-Approved Everyday Hairstyles

Changing your hairdo is the quickest and simplest way to switch up your everyday look. For hair ideas, check out Nadine Lustre's hairstyles—consistently cool, fun, effortless, and easy to copy, too. Here’s how:





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If you want to keep your hair off your face, then a ponytail is your best bet. Instead of simply gathering your hair and securing it with an elastic, create a carefree vibe by freeing a few thin locks to to frame your face.  




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On a mission to have fun? Opt for a playful hairstyle to match your equally playful mood. Create two pigtails on top of your head while leaving the rest of your hair down, and twist each tail around itself to create a bun




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If you're going for a run or heading to the gym, gather your hair into a high ponytail. The preppy hairstyle is a great way to keep your hair out of the way as you go through the day. Style with your favorite headset for bonus Nadine style points.




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If you want something more intricate and feminine, Dutch braid a one-inch section of hair from one side of your head towards the other side to make a headband. Secure the braid with a few bobby pins and you’re good to go.



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Want an effortless look? Keep your hair down and part it at the middle or whichever side you prefer for a quick, polished look. The trick to keeping your hair looking smooth is to make sure your hair is free from frizz and damage.

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